What is Mindful Awareness?

What is Mindful Awareness?

Mindful Awareness (also known as mindfulness) is the process of guiding your attention towards the experiences you are having from moment to moment. This means becoming consciously aware of the sense experiences of your body, the emotions you are having, the things you say to yourself about your internal processes and the outside world and the conceptualization you have of your own identity. M.A. is a concept that is over 2,500 years old that is often associated with Asian philosophy, religions and meditation traditions. It is now accepted as a highly effective secular (non-religious and non-spiritual) tool for improving psychological well being and performance.

The benefits of practising mindful awareness

The benefits of practising M.A. exercises include reduced stress levels, increased self-awareness in regards to physical feelings, emotions and thoughts and increased emotional intelligence. Since experiences like stress have both a psychological and physiological component doing M.A. exercises also has the potential to improve the physical health of the practitioner by contributing to a lower blood pressure, healthier heart rate, improving breathing as well as reducing the amount of stress hormones released in brain. Disclaimer: Any physical benefits are not guaranteed. This is not medical advice. Please read the Terms and Conditions section on the site.

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