How does Mindful Awareness Work?

Imagine that your mind is like a flash-light. Depending on what you are doing it will be pointed at different things and have a different quality or intensity. Consider how it is different when you want to get out of bed in the morning, calculating the tip at a restaurant or when you are contemplating a philosophical question. In each instance you are pointing your mind in a different direction and using it in a different way. This is what I describe as the focus of your mind.

Emotions affect your focus

Notice how the quality of a persons focus in the above examples can be affected by an individuals knowledge, beliefs and emotions amongst other things. For example someone who is in love or who is in a blind rage will have their focus affected by intense emotions. An individual who is experiencing these extreme emotions will find their judgement influenced and different to what it would be in a more calm and collected state. Again think of the mind as a flash-light and with different emotions being different coloured lenses that change the colour of the light shining through.

Mindful Awareness brings clarity of thought

Practising Mindful Awareness can be likened to becoming aware of the coloured lenses that are in front of the flash light and at any particular time being able to tune out the coloured filter in order to become aware of the original colour of the light.

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